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|Tiger Shroff, Disha Patani| Meet Bros|Sam Bombay

The much anticipated song, Befikra, Starring Tiger shroff, Disha patani, 
                           Music an Vocals: Meet bros & Aditi singh Sharma
Choreography: Paresh Shiroddka
Lyrics: Kumar

vocals of the song are okay, they are not extraordinary but Meet bros, and Aditi Singh have done a decent job.
The music of the song sounds alot like "Sooraj dooba hai" from Roy, composed by Amaal Malik.
meet bros have conveniently used old tones in a new song. I am not saying its exactly the same but the tones are a lot like those of "Sooraj dooba hai".

Tiger shroff is a great Dancer, and so is Disha patani. But I must admit that Tiger's dance is getting repetitive an old. he has talent and certainly the flexibility to try new things. but the choreographer Paresh Shirodkar has not tried anything new, its the same old tiger stuff we have seen in the past.

Its the kind of song that is basically sold on Music, beats, and dance, and does not necessarily needs good lyrics, but lyrics are still important to any song. an I am afraid to disappoint you guys, but the Lyrics aren't great.

The story telling of Sam bombay, is really bad. its a kind of song that you have to tell a whole story in one song, and I agree its not an easy task, but still, it could have been done a lot better.

Let me know what you think, Chek out the song below:

Review by, Faisal,

Who is Jon Snow's father?
So the finale of the season 6 of Game of thrones, finally confirmed the theory of Jon snow being a Targaryen, more famously referred to as the R+L=J theory.
but so far from the finale, we can confirm the "L" and "J" of the equation, i-e it is now without doubt that Jon Snow is Lyanna Stark's Son. and its also confirmed that he infact is a Targaryen, but its not said anywhere in the episode that his father infact is Rhaegar Targaryen.
is it at all possible that Aerys Targaryen is Jon's father? I mean after Rhager he is the one with access to Lyanna.
Or may be its possible that Jon is Robert's Son. I mean from that big book of family trees that Ned was readding, it says that Baratheons have black hair, which fits the description of Jon. but then why would he want to kill him? as Lyanna whispered in young Ned's ear.

What do you guys think? am I missing something?


Monday, 27 June 2016


The finale of the 6th season of game of thrones aired sunday, 26th of jun 2016.
After last week's epic episode,"The battle of the bastards" I wasn't expecting the finale to be this great, but I must admit I was wrong, because the finale of season 6 was extraordinarily amazing. It was a great end to a great season. I wanna admit that season 6 is my most favourite season of game of thrones. this is by far the strongest most wonderful season.
Let us dig in and see what the episode has to offer, in detail.

King's Landing burns:
Cersei  plans to "Burn them all" like the mad king. and succeeds, she has wild fire underneath the part of king's landing where she is supposed to appear before the 7 gods for her crimes. she chooses not to attend her trial and instead literally burns them all. All the sparrows, margaery, the queen and everyone present for the trial. the scene gives an epic start to the finale, and was a treat to watch.
Tommen, the king, kills himself by jumping out of the window watching everything burn, and now that the king is dead there is no one in Cersei's way to the iron throne, and she is crowned queen.
Jaime Lannister, the King slayer, is not pleased with Cersei being the queen, and with his reputation ad the king slayer, is he gonna drive a sword through Cersei? I agree its a little far fetched but it is possible.

Jon Snow banished the Red priestess:
Davos Seaworth confronts The lady Melisandre, for burning The princess Shireen Baratheon, and asks Jon Snow to execute her for murder. but Jon banishes her to the south and asks her never to return to the north or she will be executed.
Personally I think he should have executed her, her crime was far too big for banishment. plus executing her would have set an example.

Sorry Jon, for not telling you:
Sansa is sorry that she didn't tell jon about the knights of theVale before the battle. and Jon is not really bothered about the fact that she didn't tell him. "we need to trust each other, we can't fight a war amongst ourselves, we have so many enemies now. this was the reply Jon gave her.
I agree, although she kind of betrayed him, they need to stick together, they need trust amongst themselves not fight.

Jon Targaryen?:
so we finally see Bran go back to the tower of joy, and we see Lyanna Stark, who just gave birth to a baby, Ned Stark is there and Lyanna tells him that his name is Jon, and that Ned has to protect her otherwise robert will kill him, if he finds out his true parentage, lyanna Stark was kidnapped by Rhaegar Targaryen, So yeah, Jon is a Targaryen.

Daenerys Targaryen:
The mother of dragons finally has everything she wanted, an army, ships, dragons, and she is coming for the iron throne. God help those who stand in her way.
Cersei is not liked by anyone, there is hardly going to be anyone who would die for her when daenerys targaryen attacks.
as for Jon, now that we know he is a Targaryen, and Daenerys's nephew, he might end up on the throne himself, or may be by daenerys's side (at least).
Daenerys says that she might marry for alliance, she doesn't say who, but hse is ready for it, and the Targaryens are fond of marrying their siblings to keep the blood line pure, Daenerys, Viserys, and Rhaegar, themselves are born of incest, they are the children of the mad King, Aerys Targaryen and his sister, Queen Rhaella Targaryen. does this mean that Jon and Daenerys can actually end up getting married?? we will have to wait for that one.
Anyhow, I believe that Daenerys was made to rule, I mean come on! Tyrion Lannister says He believes in her, he pledged his council to her, she made him her hand, there's gotta be something special about her.

Jon is the King in the North:
The little lady Lyanna Mormont, gives a speech and pledges ger allegiance to Jon Snow and accepts him as the King in the north. and the rest of the Houses of the north follows her and Jon is now The King in the north.
But what I am concerned about is that the Houses pledged their allegiance to Jon because thay believe that Bastard or not, Ned Stark's blood runs through his veins, that means that he is still Ned's son. but will the follow him if he turns out to be a Targaryen? I guess its another thing we will have to wait for.

Arya Stark, Kills Walder Frey:
Arya killing Walder Frey, is one of the most satisfying things you will see on Game of thrones. the way Arya changed her face,into a commoner who works as a servent for the Freys. Revenge really is a dish best served cold. and now we know why Arya went to Braavos, this was her plan all along, to avenge her family.
Judging from the way she was eyeing Jaime, is she going to kill him next? another thing we will have to wait for.

The background Score:
Last but not least, the background score of the finale was more than epic. it complimented every scene so well, one might think all the epic scenes were so epic partly because of the music that played in the background.

let me know what you think, what I have missed.


After despicable me, and minions, get ready for another fun run.
This one surely is gonna be a lot of fun.

Sunday, 26 June 2016


This Review is not spoiler free, proceed at your own risk.

The movie is about an indian army officer named Cpt Jahan Bakshi, who falls in love with a girl named Suhani, that he saves when she enters a restricted area and falls into a lake. there after they meet in Amritsar (where Suhani lives). and when they confess their love to each other, Suhani's father is against their marriage because he has already lost two brothers and a son in the army and he is afraid that Suhani might lose Jahan too.
there are misunderstandings between Jahan and Suhani, there is a love triangle, and family drama.
Pulkit Samrat plays the role of Cpt Jahan Bakshi, and Yami Gautam plays the role of Suhani. the movie is directed by Vivek Agnihotri (Zid, Hate Story).

I liked the movie alot. its a typical bollywood love story and if you are a fan of bolllywood you will definitely like it.

Pulkit Samrat and Yami Goutam have both done a decent job at their end. you will see some good acting through out the movie, apart from a couple of scenes of Yami.

The movie has been shot at really amazing locations, that compliments the love story brilliantly.

Some of the scenes in the movie are just copied and pasted. eg the scene where Cpt Jahan saves Suhani from the lake is the exact copy of the scene from veer zara where shahrukh khan saves priety zinta.

The story and dialogues seems a bit cliched at times. so if during the movie you feel like you have heard a dialogue befor, you probably have, in another almost same bollywood love story.

The ending of the movie could have been shot better. may be they could have just ended it right there where the marriage ceremony was taking place. why did Suhani run away? it was a completely unnecessary scene.

Watch it if you like those typical bollywood style love stories.


Wednesday, 22 June 2016

This review is not spoiler free, proceed at your own risk.
Finally got a chance to watch the very controversial "Udta Punjab".
The movie is about the drug abuse going on in Punjab and how its destroying the youth.
the movie has Shahid Kapoor, Alia bhatt, Kareena Kapoor and Diljit dosanjh in the lead roles.
where Shahid Kapoor plays the character of a flop rock star, Tommy singh, who is a drug addict, and can not perform without taking drugs, he is trying to quit drugs and its effecting his career.
Alia bhatt, plays a bihari girl who came to punjab in search of a better life, and for a better life she decides to sell a packet of drugs she found in the fields where she works, which leads her to some very dangerous people who keeps her captive, and take advantage of her.
Diljit dosanjh is a corrupt cop, who takes bribe with the rest of the police force for letting drugs into punjab, later on the he finds out that his brother is in the hospital because of the same drugs, and when he goes to the hospital, he meets a lady doctor, which is played by Kareena kapoor, the lady doctor convince him to take down the drug mafia.
This is a short summary of the movie, now lets see what I liked or disliked in the movie.

The movie has a very positive message, i-e drugs destroys, and should be avoided at all cost.
and the filmmakers have successfully and very beautifully conveyed that message.

The characters in the movie are believable, no one seems out of place, or over the top.

Shahid Kapoor, was outstanding as tommy singh. this is in my opinion one the best performances shahid has ever given. He will remind you once again that he still is one of the best, bollywood has.

Alia bhatt was superb, she is beyond expectation, this is by far the best role she has done.
no one will think that she is only a few movies old in bollywood. she will make you feel what she is going through, thats how good she is.

both Diljit and Kareena were okay.

there is not much I disliked about the movie, only a couple of things.

 The music of the movie is a huge disappointment, the lyrics, music, vocals, everything is not good at all.

The language could have been toned down a bit. its a bit too vulgar an abusive for my taste. but may be its just my taste,

May be the love stories should have been avoided. a corrupt cop falling for a doctor, or a druggie falling for another druggie, is not important when you have a strong, positive plot like this one.

Udta Punjab is a very good movie, with a really positive message and amazing star performances, and should be watched.

let me know what you guys think, and if I was help full, and how I can improve?


Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Game of thrones, Battle of the bastards, review

This post contains spoilers, so proceed at your own risk,
The 6th episode of game of thrones season 6 aired on sunday, and I must say it was Epic. I personally was not expecting the battle to be this awesome, considering the fact that it was on TV, but I guess they increased the budget for this one.
okay, now lets dig in and see what I liked and what I didn't.

I would start with the good stuff, which there are so many, but I would choose the ones that really sold it to me.

Starting with Sansa, she was one of the best part of  the episode, the way she is with jon in the conversation before the battle, the way she says to ramsay " you are going to die tomorrow morning, Lord Bolton. Sleep well". I absolutely loved it, I guess I loved her performance throughout this season, she has turned into a fine badass women.
I also loved the way she killed Ramsay by his own hounds, while standing right there, watching the whole scene standing right there, and then that smile on her face was more than awesome.

Speaking of Ramsay's death, I think it was one the most satisfying things I have seen on Game of throne. I shouldn't speak ill of the dead, but he was one mean bastard I am happy is dead.

jon snow was awesome as usual, first of all I loved it when Jon challenges Ramsay to one on one fight, "lets end this the old way, you against me" and Ramsay is afraid to accept. that was one of my most favourite scenes of the episode.
And then when Jon snow charges in all alone, and he standing there with his sword drawn, waiting for them to come near so he can strike, and as he is about to strike His army flows in before him and the battle begins, that scene is done so well, I literally rewound it a few times and watched it again and again.

Another one of my favourite scenes was when daenerys and tyrion are discussing terms of surrender with the masters, and of them says "your reign is over" and daenerys replies " my reign has just begun" and a dragon appears and she rides it and the masters and the soldiers are scared silly, and daenerys burns a few ships. it was Epic. I wonder with that army and the dragons and tyrion by her side, who is gonna fight daenerys?

Rickon getting killed was really heartbreaking I was like, go zigzag you fool go zigzag. but of course he is a kid with no training and terrified beyond imagination.
Another thing that was heartbreaking was the death of Wun Wun the giant.

there was one thing that I won't say I didn't like, but didn't understand. it was if sansa knew she had a great army at her disposal, then when she was fighting with jon that they dont have enough men, and jon was saying that's all they are gonna have, why didn't she just tell him about the army? thousands of people could have been saved.
but I am hoping jon will asked about it in the season finale and we will know more.

So overall I loved it, it was the best episode of this season so far.

let me know what you guys think.


Friday, 17 June 2016

Hey Guys and Gals, I am back. sorry for being MIA for the past few days. I had exams so could not write anything for you guys. but now that I am done with my exams, I have brought you, my review of  NOW YOU SEE ME 2!

Its About the four horsemen, with one new one,i-e lizzy caplan but still 4 in total. and someone trying to take them down, so its like magician war going on.

as Lizzy caplan is the new one, I would like to start with Her, I liked her, in the movie, I guess she brings a lot of new energy to the movie.
so the things I didn't like so much, includes, woody harrelson's brother, played by woody harrelson, this character is completely useless. there was no need for him I guess.

Okay so the movie is all about magic, and I am sad to say that the magic does not always work, there are times you believe it,but that is mainly because you have seen it before, may be on TV or something. then there are times you just go like "Whaaaaat?"

take Woody harrelson's hypnotism for example He just goes up to people ask them to concentrate on his voice, snaps his fingers and boom. hypnotized. well personally I don't think that's how it works. there are total 3 characters in the movie who does that.

daniel radcliffe was really good in the movie, he was not extraordinary, but that was because the movie did not let him to be extraordinary.

overall when the movie ends, you might say that you didn't buy what just happened, but I guess its entertaining.

let me know if you liked it. and if you would like to see something else.


Thursday, 2 June 2016

All right people I am gonna dig into Game of thrones Season 6 episode 6.
before I start I would like to point out that so far season 6 has been pretty awesome, and interesting, it certainly  kept me on the edge of my seat through every episode, except for this one. now before all of you "FANS" start to throw stones at me, hear me out.

I myself am a FAN, but I felt the latest episode was a bit slow. it might be because of the fact that episode 5 was so epic and thrilling that it was hard to top that, or may be they were trying to build up to something big in the coming episodes.

I am not saying I did not like it, because I did. I liked it a lot, that being said, it still was pretty slow (for me).

A couple of things I would like to talk about in particular:
First of all, I did not understand Arya's decision not to kill the actress. I mean until now the show has shown Arya to have grown into someone quite fierce and mercy less, and here she spared this actress. Now in all fairness they did show that Arya kinda liked that actress, and that she was kind of a good person but she was given a chance, Jaqen H'ghar told her that one way or the other there is going to be a face on the wall. now if Arya only kills bad people and only the ones she wants revenge from. how does Arya think she is gonna avenge her family if she is dead? because it was either her or the actress. we do see Arya keeping "needle" with her as she sleeps though, so may be someone is about to die?

Next, I would like to say I hated Sam's father, Lord Randyll Tarly, I wanted someone to kill him right there. but visiting Him did give sam a valerian steel sword, that can kill the wight walkers. so may be sam is going to take part in killing some of the white walkers, or may be he will give the sword to someone who will, because lets face it, sam is no killer. Although he did kill a white walker once, but tthat was just luck. and adrenaline I suppose.

Okay thats all i can squeeze out of the episode, nothing else I particularly liked or disliked.
let me know what you guys think.

Faisal Murad

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Hey Guys!
its the first day of my blogg. Here I will try to give you "insight" in to TV shows, Movies, Games, and anything else you like.
please keep patience, and keep supporting.

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