Wednesday, 22 June 2016

This review is not spoiler free, proceed at your own risk.
Finally got a chance to watch the very controversial "Udta Punjab".
The movie is about the drug abuse going on in Punjab and how its destroying the youth.
the movie has Shahid Kapoor, Alia bhatt, Kareena Kapoor and Diljit dosanjh in the lead roles.
where Shahid Kapoor plays the character of a flop rock star, Tommy singh, who is a drug addict, and can not perform without taking drugs, he is trying to quit drugs and its effecting his career.
Alia bhatt, plays a bihari girl who came to punjab in search of a better life, and for a better life she decides to sell a packet of drugs she found in the fields where she works, which leads her to some very dangerous people who keeps her captive, and take advantage of her.
Diljit dosanjh is a corrupt cop, who takes bribe with the rest of the police force for letting drugs into punjab, later on the he finds out that his brother is in the hospital because of the same drugs, and when he goes to the hospital, he meets a lady doctor, which is played by Kareena kapoor, the lady doctor convince him to take down the drug mafia.
This is a short summary of the movie, now lets see what I liked or disliked in the movie.

The movie has a very positive message, i-e drugs destroys, and should be avoided at all cost.
and the filmmakers have successfully and very beautifully conveyed that message.

The characters in the movie are believable, no one seems out of place, or over the top.

Shahid Kapoor, was outstanding as tommy singh. this is in my opinion one the best performances shahid has ever given. He will remind you once again that he still is one of the best, bollywood has.

Alia bhatt was superb, she is beyond expectation, this is by far the best role she has done.
no one will think that she is only a few movies old in bollywood. she will make you feel what she is going through, thats how good she is.

both Diljit and Kareena were okay.

there is not much I disliked about the movie, only a couple of things.

 The music of the movie is a huge disappointment, the lyrics, music, vocals, everything is not good at all.

The language could have been toned down a bit. its a bit too vulgar an abusive for my taste. but may be its just my taste,

May be the love stories should have been avoided. a corrupt cop falling for a doctor, or a druggie falling for another druggie, is not important when you have a strong, positive plot like this one.

Udta Punjab is a very good movie, with a really positive message and amazing star performances, and should be watched.

let me know what you guys think, and if I was help full, and how I can improve?


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