Friday, 17 June 2016

Hey Guys and Gals, I am back. sorry for being MIA for the past few days. I had exams so could not write anything for you guys. but now that I am done with my exams, I have brought you, my review of  NOW YOU SEE ME 2!

Its About the four horsemen, with one new one,i-e lizzy caplan but still 4 in total. and someone trying to take them down, so its like magician war going on.

as Lizzy caplan is the new one, I would like to start with Her, I liked her, in the movie, I guess she brings a lot of new energy to the movie.
so the things I didn't like so much, includes, woody harrelson's brother, played by woody harrelson, this character is completely useless. there was no need for him I guess.

Okay so the movie is all about magic, and I am sad to say that the magic does not always work, there are times you believe it,but that is mainly because you have seen it before, may be on TV or something. then there are times you just go like "Whaaaaat?"

take Woody harrelson's hypnotism for example He just goes up to people ask them to concentrate on his voice, snaps his fingers and boom. hypnotized. well personally I don't think that's how it works. there are total 3 characters in the movie who does that.

daniel radcliffe was really good in the movie, he was not extraordinary, but that was because the movie did not let him to be extraordinary.

overall when the movie ends, you might say that you didn't buy what just happened, but I guess its entertaining.

let me know if you liked it. and if you would like to see something else.


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  1. Superb...
    Helped alot...
    I just watched the movie because of the great review...
    And really its worth watching twice.... ✌