Friday, 29 July 2016

Review: Nerve

Directors: Henry Joost, Ariel Schulman
Writers: Jeanne Ryan, Jessica Sharzer
Stars: Emma Roberts, Dave Franco.

A high school girl, finds herself in an online game, that is sort of like truth or dare, but it only has dares. she starts playing the game when her friend tell her that she needs to take chances with your life, (she is sort of a "good girl" and doesn't really live life to the fullest) she decides to take a chance and starts playing this online game called "Nerve" where she is teamed up with Dave Franco.


  • I liked Emma Roberts performance in the movie, she really sells that "Good Girl" act and then equally the bad ass girl when she starts playing the Game. and I also would like to add that she is very beautiful too.
  • The Game itself is really very intriguing, and really thrilling. Several times it made me wonder, what I would have done in a similar situation.


  • The movie, or you can say the game, is not that realistic at times. when you see the movie and they are playing the game you can tell at times that here the game could have easily gotten rg sexual or gross, but it never does, it sort of stays in its own limits. and you just know that had a game like this existed it could have never worked in these limits.
  • The final act was just too over the top for me. I mean it made me feel like they kind of went too far with that act.
Final Word:
Its not a extraordinary movie, but it's still a good entertainer. I enjoyed it. and I suggest you watch it too.

The Great Wall - Official Trailer

Director:Yimou Zhang
Stars: Matt Damon, Willem Dafoe, Pedro Pascal and more.

The Tag line says "What were they trying to keep out?" and of course they are talking about the great wall of China.
A movie based  on the idea that the great wall of china was built to keep monsters out.
I must say Matt Damon looks like the role was made for him. but then that's how he looks in every role ;-). but jokes apart, I loved Matt in the Trailer and I am sure I will love him in the movie.
The movie promises a lot of action, a lot of thrills, and great monsters.
movie comes out to theaters on 17 Feb 2017.

Enjoy the trailer here:

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Janaan Title Track - Armaan malik | Janaan 2016

The title track of the much awaited Pakistani movie Janaan has been released recently, and its a treat to listen.
Armaan Malik's soul touching voice plus Salim Suleman's soulful music, makes it a great song to listen to. 
not only is this a great song to listen but it also has a really great promotional video. the shooting locations, the stars, everything is enough to rouse your excitement even more.

Enjoy it right here:

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

"SARSARIYA" Video Song | MOHENJO DARO | A.R. RAHMAN | Hrithik Roshan Pooja Hegde |

A.R Rahman's Music, Hrithik Roshan's Charisma, Pooja Hegde's beauty and Elegance and the Visual treat that is the set of Mohenjo Daro. What more does a great Song take?
Sarsariya is the new song released of the upcoming Period Love story, Drama Mohenjo Daro, Starring Hrithek Roshan and Pooja Hegde in the lead roles.
The song has a lot of great things, from great composing to great vocals, to amazing actors but what appealed to me the most was how they have shown Mohenjo Daro, its truly breathtaking. I for one can agree that surely that is the way Mohenjo Daro would have looked. I loved it. and now I am even more excited for the movie.

Enjoy the visual treat that is Sarsariya the song, right here:

Monday, 25 July 2016

My favourites from the san diego Comic Con 2016

1. Wonder woman

DC dropped the first official trailer of wonder woman at the sdcc 2016. and I must say it was the best thing I saw at the SDCC.
To start with Gal Gadot is absolutely stunning as Wonder woman. specially the scene where she is climbing up from the trench amidst the war (world War 1).
I always had my issues with DC and there Fighting scenes but I must say Wonder Woman is kick ass as hell. Specially that scene  where she slides on her shield and knocks down a bad guy. I am absolutely looking forward to it.
It seems they are staying true to the comics, and Steve trevor and wonder Woman will have a romantic relationship.
the trailer show wonder Woman standing up for equality, she will not be told by a man what she should do and she considers a man telling a woman what to do "Slavery".
We get out first look at Theyscira, and its Mesmerizing.
I have High expectations from this one, lets see what happens when the movie comes out.
enjoy the trailer:

2. Justice League

The first footage from the Justice league  was shown at the SDCC. personally when I see ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne anywhere, I am sold. but I must admit there were a lot more awesome stuff in the trailer than just Bruce Wayne. Now it's not a full trailer as the movie is still under process, The trailer shows us that Bruce Wayne is recruiting people with super human abilities to form the justice league.
For me Aqua man Stole the show. he is so bad ass and Strong. i think Jason momoa is the perfect choice. the scene here aqua man is standing and THE freaking Ocean Hits him, its breathtaking.
I had my doubts about The Flash, after Ezra miller in Batman v Superman, and partly because I personally am a fan of grant Gustin's The Flash. but I must Say I really Liked our new Flash, more than I expected. that moment when Bruce Wayne throws a Batarang at him, and time slows down (because he is the Flash) and he looks at the Batarang and then realizes that this is batman and then catches the Batarang, that is an absolutely amazing scene.
it seems like DC is going the Marvel way, as in they seem to be introducing a lot of humor in this movie and Wonder woman, and also the tone of the movies is a lot lighter. may be now we can finally give rest to the debate of DC vs Marvel.
Enjoy the footage:

3. Doctor Strange

Marvel dropped the second trailer of Doctor Strange. First of all let me tell you why I am excited about Doctor Strange. It;s not a typical Superhero story where normally there is a guy with super human ability or insane training and becomes a vigilante or joins a league of some sorts. here we have a gentlemen who masters Magic, His nick name literally is The Sorcerer Supreme. we will get to see some mind bending scenarios in this movie.
The CGI looks like nothing before, its fantastic. 
And benedict cumberbatch as Doctor Strange is absolutely fabulous. I can't stress it enough How much I love him as the Sorcerer supreme. that scene where he throws back his cape while walking, OMG its so bad ass.
we saw the villain of the movie, i-e Kaecilius played by Mads Mikkelsen.
I am excited a lot about this movie, and I am sure it wont disappoint. 
Enjoy the trailer:

4. Spider Man Homecoming

The first teaser of Spider man homecoming was shown at SDCC. it was a small footage and doesn't reveal much about the movie. it shows peter parker Admiring girls from a far, doing his geeky Science Stuff, and of course fighting crime.
One thing that was confirmed was the fact that it's going to be a high school movie. and frankly that's what I wanted. and that;s how it was supposed to be.
another thing that was confirmed was the villain, its going to be Vulture. (shown in the poster I have attached).
let wait for the full trailer to know more. 

5. Guardians of the Galaxy 2

A Small footage of Guardians of the galaxy was also shown at the SDCC, including a cameo from Sylvester Stallone and Kurt Russell's Ego. Th footage Shows the guardian fighting against some sort of alien beast. it shows that the movie will have a lot of humor like the first one. and that's about it. considering the fact that the movie is still in production, that's all they can show for now. but I must admit that's all it took for me to be hooked.

6. Marvel's Iron Fist

We Saw our first teaser of Marvel's Iron Fist that will air on netflix.
The teaser starts by showing the origin story of Danny Rand played by Finn jones. the origin story is true to the comics, there plane crashes in the mountain and he is found by some monks who are from the Secret city of  K'un L'un. There is he is trained in martial arts and also given super powers, as shown in the trailer when he punches the door and throws it quite far away. the trailer pretty much tells us what the Show will be all about. I am pretty excited about it, lets see how it turns out when we see the it.
enjoy the teaser for now:

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Top 3 Superheroes of both the big screen and the small, in my opinion.

1. Captain America Trilogy

The Sentinel of liberty, The patriotic, the brave, the courageous, the one who would sacrifice himself again and again to do the right thing, I could go on and on, but there aren't enough adjectives to describe him, God's righteous man, Captain America.
When the first Captain america movie (in the MCU)) came out in 2011, I had no idea who captain america was, or What the Marvel cinematic universe was, I only had a little idea about Marvel and DC. but I didn't know there was a war going on between them.
when I watched the movie I was instantly hooked. Its safe to say that Captain America introduced me to all the awesomeness that is the Superhero universe.
The first movie was not really liked by many, but for me it was and still is one of the best. it might have had something to do with Chris Evans playing the character, or the Awesome story, or Captain America's traits that make him THE CAPTAIN, but I loved it.
people thought that captain america didn't have what it took to have a good sequel, he didn't have a flying suit, he wasn't an alien, he wasn't anything that people were used to seeing in a superhero.
But in 2014 the winter soldier came out and it broke all the records and all the doubts people had about The Captain, it was in every way an improvement and it was awesome,
Then in 2016, Civil War came out, basically an avengers movie but they named it after Captain america, that alone should tell you how much everyone loves captain america. that being said the movie was amazing. people always complained that marvel can't have meaningful stories or emotionally strong characters, and once again The Captain to the rescue, once again Captain america gave us a well directed, well acted amazing movie.

2. The Dark Knight Trilogy

The billionaire playboy who is the bat vigilante at night, a nightmare for the bad guys, that's Batman.
Who doesn't love The Dark knight trilogy? Some will argue that it's the best superhero trilogy ever made.
personally, even when I was not familiar with DC and Marvel, I knew Batman. Liking batman was somehow inside me since childhood. When I first watched the Dark knight trilogy I had no idea about any universes in the superhero genre or anything. I loved the trilogy judging it solely based on being just a movie, and even then I was mesmerized.
Every movie in the Dark knight trilogy is amazing. the Dark Gotham, the absolutely serious and troubled Batman, everything related to those movies has its own charm and its own appeal. until The dark knight Trilogy came out superhero movies mostly had no story, no meaning, just a superhero trying to take down a super villain. The Dark knight trilogy changed that. it proved that even superheroes can have emotions, past, a good story.

3. Marvel's Daredevil

Crime fighting lawyer by day and crime fighting vigilante by night, the blind hero of hell's kitchen is the one they call The Daredevil.
Marvel's Daredevil on Netflix, for me is like the Dark knight trilogy of the small screen.
it proved that marvel can go dark if they want to. and it works perfectly. it did for superhero TV shows, what the Dark knight Trilogy did for big screen movies. we have seen 2 seasons and both were awesome, and rest assured more brilliance is on its way.
we get to see such brilliance on TV, isn't it a good time to be alive?

Friday, 22 July 2016

The classic Review: The untouchables

Director: Brian de palma
Writer: David Mamet
Stars: Robert de niro, Kevin costner, Sean Connery, Andy Garcia and others.

The disease that is bootlegging, has chicago in it's hold. And Agent Elliot ness has taken it on himself to stop it once and for all. Jim malone, a beat cop helps ness to build a team called the untouchables. They recruite Agent George stone from the police academy and an accountant from the Washington bureau joins in who later turns in to a gun blazing agent like the rest of them. The only objective of the team is to put a man named Al Capone behind bars.

The Star performance of the movie is flawless, absolutely amazing. Specially sean connery as Jim malone. But it doesn't mean the rest of them were any less great.
For a crime drama, I was surprised how much the emotional side of the movie appealed to me. Every time a member of the team dies, they care, they weep, and they truly show emotional attachment, i really liked it.
The scene where, Kevin Costner is fighting the bad guys in the train station,s stairs, and a baby in a push chair is sliding down the stairs, and right when the kid is about to reach the end of the stairs where one of the bad guy is waiting, and Andy garcia throws one gun to Kevin costner, and slides to put his leg to stop the push chair, Kevin Costner, shoots the bad guy at the end of the stairs and they save the baby while managing to kill everyone except a couple of bad guys. That scen made me clap for them, thats how much I liked it.
The visuals of the movie are so mesmerizing. The locales are so genuine according to the plot of the movie.

To be honest, I didn't really find anything that bad about the movie, just one thing, Robert de niro as Al Capone is truly amazing, but considering the fact that he is the main villain, he has very less screen time than I expected. I think his role could have been expanded a Little.

Final word:
If you haven't seen it you should definitely. It is a classic, and it is brilliant.

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Some of srk's best

Some of Shahrukh khan's most memorable performances.

After a being MIA for a while, i am back. And we are gonna look into some of Shahrukh khan's most memorable romantic performances.
P.S this does not mean that these are the only great performance by the great shahrukh khan, these are just some of my most favourites.
And this list, by no means represent the ranking of the movies, I just wrote them as I went on.

1. Devdas

The Love story of devdas, the son of a wealthy landowner and Paro, devdas's childhood sweetheart. After devdas's family reject, paro. Devdas leaves home, but paro lives on in his memories, and he can not forget her even if he wants to. Not even love from someone else can numb his pain.
It's not easy working in the remake of a movie that the Legend Dilip Kumar has acted in, and doing it nearly as good as Dilip saab. But I must say SRK has done it although completely differently but in no way any less great than Dilip saab. For me this is always gonna be the reminder of why SRK is and will always be the King of bollywood.

2. Veer Zara

Another Royal Performance by the King. Veer Zara is the love story between, an officer of the Indian army and a simple girl from Pakistan. Its the story of a man named Veer, who spends 20 years in jail to protect the honour, Zara. the girl he love.
Its also the story of Zara, who sacrificed her youth and lives in another country to make sure the dream of the family of the man she loves are fulfilled.
As usual SRK gives an amazing performance as squadron leader Veer pratap singh. He makes us believe that love comes before everything else, and he shows it in such a way that we believe it, that ladies and gentlemen is the power of srk's performance.

3. Mohabbatein

A music teacher changes the lives of 3 young students at his college.
He shows them what love is. He inspires them to a pure love. He shows us to not just love the person, but everything and everyone connected to that person.
The connection of heart to heart, the connection of heart and love, the connection of love and the world going round and round, and the connection of love and music, that is mohabbatein.

4. Kabhi khushi kabhi gham

After marrying the girl he loves, Rahul sees no place for him in his house with his beloved family, and he leaves with his newly wedded wife. After a long time his brother brings him home and completes the family once again.
Here SRK has shown another type of love, the love between family. Its like the movie says, "its all about family".

5. Dil to pagal hai

A love triangle, where someone has to lose. But who is it gonna be? Is it gonna be Nisha? The best friend who is love with the guy who thinks of her as only her best friend. Or pooja? Who is love with one guy but getting married to another? Or Rahul who loves pooja but can not love Nisha because she is his best friend?
You will be hooked, the minute the movie starts, SRK' charm works miracles in this one.

6. Jab tak hai jaan

Yash chopra's last romantic saga. The unending love of a man, called major samar anand who would join the army to see how long he can live if he put his life on the line, because he would rather die than be separated from the love of his life.
And the love story of Meera, who would rather be separated from samar, than see his hurt because she believes God will punish summer if she breaks her promise that she made to God, to save summer's life.
And Akeera, who loves summer so much, that she can't see him separated from his past and his love, and she tries everything to give him his life back.
Just when people thought SRK has lost his charm, abd can't give us a romantic movie with that old magic, he striked back and with a bang showed us that he still rules.


A NASA engineer, leaves his job to serve his country and be with his loved ones. Does it get more patriotic than this? This Time SRK showed us love for our country and for our people. He showed us how to care fot the ones who can't Care for themselves and how to truly show love for your country. Its brilliant how he shows us that to show your love for a person, love and care for the things that person cares for.

8. Darr

SRK played a villain in this one. a phsyco villain, who loved so much that he turned bad just because he can't have the one he loves, and when she chooses the one she loves. And I must admit no one can do the phsyco act better than him.

9. Fan

After a very long time, we got to see the phsyco of darr. But this time his love was not for a girl, but for his idol who coincidentally looks like him. When his love is not returned by his idol he looses it and the Fan becomes the enemy. A man who was his inspiration, who he followed in every walk of life, he now wants hurt, he wants him to feel hiw he feels.
Like I have said above, when it comes to the phsyco act, no one does it better.

10. My name is khan

We want nothing but love and peace in the world. No matter what my name is, not what my religion is, not matter how much people hate me because of my colour, my religion, my name, I will spread love, and I will show the world that love is indeed what makes the world go round and round. That's SRK's message in my name is khan. He plays a Muslim guy suffering from Asperger.s syndrome, who marries a hindu girl with a child because he loves her, who loves all human kind and wants only love in return.

11. Rab ne banadi jodi

Can you love someone even if that person loves someone else? Its easy everyone would say. But can you spemd your whole life with that person know you will never be loved by that person?
Its the magnificent love story of surinder sahni, and taani. Surinder marries her when her would be husband dies in an accident on the wedding day. Taani tells surinder she can never love him, but suri keeps loving, he changes himself to bring back the love to taani,s life that she lost. And demands nothing in return. Isn't that how love is supposed to be?
SRK plays double role of surinder and Raj and he has played both brilliantly. He proved that he is the most versatile actor bollywood has.

12. Kal ho naa ho

Aman loves Naina and Naina loves aman, but can't be with Naina because he has a heart condition and won't live long. Naina doesn't know this truth and thinks that Aman doesn't love her. But Aman loves her so much that he wants to fill her life with love before he goes. And that's where Rohit comes in. Naina's best friend, and secretly in love with her, Rohit, is convinced by Aman that she loves him and he loves her and they should be together. Because Aman can't leave Naina without Love. The epic sotry of love. Brilliantly portrayed by the epic performance of SRK. It's surely a gem.

13. Kuch kuch hota hai

Love, friendship, are they the same or different? The story of a Anjali and her with Rahul, and Tina and her love with Rahul. Rahul marries Tina, when Anjali is in love with him, but she chooses Rahul's happiness over hers. But when Tina dies, they meet again with the help of Rahul's daughter.

14. Dilwale dulhania lejayenge

The longest running movie in history of cinema. Thw movie that revolutionized the genre of romance. People have been trying for decades to recreate that magic but failed.
The love sotry of Raj and simaran. Who meet in a trip to Europe and fall in love. She is about to be get married to someone else. But Raj follows her to India and wins her back.

15. Chak de India

The journey of a hockey player to earn back his name and his dignity after he is accused of betraying his country. After a long break he becomes the coach of the Indian women hockey team and guides them to victory in world cup against all odds.
Once again the love for the country is portrayed in the most amazing way by the Legend that is SRK.

Monday, 18 July 2016

A Flying Jatt’s Trailer | Ft. Tiger Shroff, Nathan Jones & Jacqueline Fernandez

The official trailer of "A flying Jatt" starring Tiger shroff and jacqueline fernandez, was released today. the trailer is full of action, romance, and comedy.
I was pretty excited for the trailer and I must say, I am not that hooked.
From the trailer the movie seems to be a typical superhero movie with the same old story line, where a super villain is controlled by an evil mastermind who is as usual trying to take over the world. and a hero will stop him. too cliched isn't it? As usual the villain will beat the hell out the Hero at first and then with the help of  God the hero will rise again. Sounds too KRISH to me.

The only thing I liked in the trailer was, the comedy we usually don't see in a superhero movie, and of course, Tiger Shroff.
Hopefully the action will be realistic, as we can expect tiger to perform realistic action and fights.

Enjoy the trailer right here:

Sunday, 17 July 2016

The Best Bollywood Movies of 2016 so far:

1: FAN

Directed by Maneesh sharma, Starring Shahrukh khan (SRK). Fan has the top spot in my list.
Fan although did not work any magic at the box office like SRK's movies usually do, but this still is the best movie bollywood has produced so far in 2016, and I doubt that bollywood can do better than this in the near future.
The movie Star SRK in a double role, one is a superstar and the other is the fan of the superstar, and thinks of him as his idol. so when his dream of meeting his idol breaks, he becomes dangerous, and tries to harm his idol.
SRK's performance is his best, and bollywood's best in my opinion. its a unique movie, with no typical bollywood masala, and item numbers. and its certainly a step in the right direction.


Directed by Raja Menon, Starring Akshay Kumar and Nimrat kaur, Airlift is inspired from a real story and is the story of an indian businessman in Kuwait, at the time of the War between Iraq and Kumait. He tries and succeeds to get more than 170000 indians out of the war zone.
Akshay kumar's performance is brilliant, he proves his versatility. plus the story and the story telling is really good.


Directed by Nishikant kamat, starring John Abraham and shruti Haasan. Rocky Handsome is an action movies revolving around a rogue secret-agent and a little girl he deeply cares about. when the drug mafia abducts the little girl, Rocky goes after them.
In my opinion John is wasted in comedies and romantic movies. but this type of action movies suit him perfectly. the movie has some great action, great acting, good story, and good music.


Directed by Ali Abbas Zafar, Starring Salman Khan, Anushka Sharma, Randeep Hooda and others.
The movie is the story of an indian wrestler who after becoming successful gets arrogant and loses his family in the process of  running after fame and success.
Salman khan finally proved that he in fact can act in a good movie. its not his typical masala movie with unnecessary action and item songs and shirtless scenes and all.


Directed by Abishek Chaubey, Starring Shahid kapoor, Kareen Kapoor, Alia bhatt, and Diljit Dosanjh. Udta Punjab addresses the serious issue of drug abuse. a really positive message plus amazing acting by everyone specially Shahid and Alia,  this is a really great movie.


Directed by Shakun Batra, Starring, Fawad Khan, Alia bhatt, Sidhart Malhotra, and others. tells a story of two brothers who visit their family after a long time and find that their parents marriage is not working anymore, their grandfather is really sick, and also find the reason why the brothers drifted apart.
Great Story, great acting by everyone, really good music, this is number 6 in my list.


Directed by Sabir khan, starring Tiger shroff, and Shradda kapoor. Baghi is a love story of two young adults, who fall in love and against all odds find their way back to each other. the movie has an extra twist of martial arts.
it all sound cliched but believe me the great acting, great action, and music will change your mind.


Directed by Abishek kapoor, Starring Aditya Roy Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, and Tabu. Fitoor is the story of a young and talented boy in kashmir who is hired by a wealthy women to care for her stables. the boy begins to like her daughter, and soon the daughter is sent away for studies. The kids meet again when they are adults, but it turns out to be a  plan of the wealthy lady all along.
Good acting, great story and even greater story telling, this is a truly great movie.

Friday, 15 July 2016

The Edge Of Seventeen, official trailer.

Director: Kelly fremon
Writer: Kelly fremon
Stars: Hailee Steinfeld,Woody Harrelson, Blake Jenner, Kyra Sedgwick, and others.

The Edge of seventeen is a teenage comedy that revolves around a high school girl, who is dealing with issues at home with her mother, issues with her best friend, who is seeing her brother and  Basically issues with life. So i think we could say that the movie is about a school girl dealing with teenage life. the trailer looks good, but I am afraid we have seen high school movies with the same plot, more than once.
The movie has a really good cast, like Woody harrelson and hailee steinfeld, and I am sure everyone will do a great job with their roles. but the movie overall seems so cliched and repetitive, that it failed to get me that excited.
that's my opinion guys, have a look at the trailer below and decide for yourselves,

Review: Great Grand Masti

Director: Indra Kumar
Writers: Tushar Hiranandani, Akash Kaushik
Stars: Aftab Shivdasani, Vivek oberoi, Riteish Deshmukh, Urvashi Rautela, and others.

Great Grand Masti is the third movie in the Masti Franchise. The movie revolves around three friends who get married but are not happy with their wives, Ritesh Deshmukh's character has a big old mansion in his village that he wants to sell, and he asks Aftab's character to sell it for him because he is a realtor. they make a plan to go together and have fun with the village girls because their wives can not make them happy. and the third friend, which is vivek's character tags along. when they reach the village the mansion turns out to be haunted and the girl who they are trying to fool around with is the ghost haunting the mansion.


  • The performance of the three friends specially aftab shivdasani was good. it wasn't as good as it should have been, it could have been a lot better, but still it was okay.
  • Other than that I am sorry to say I found nothing good about the movie.
  • first of all the story of the movie is the same story they had in the first two movies. the guys are not happy with their wives and decide to have an affair outside, towards the end of the movie they have an epiphany and they realize that they love their wives no mater what and the wives forgive them, and they live happily ever after, or in this case they live happily until the beginning of the next movie. its the same story they have told  us in the last two movies with very small changes. and frankly its enough. either come up with something new or just stop making another masti.
  • it was a comedy movie, and I expected to laugh, and that's how I judge a comedy, on the basis of whether it made me laugh or not. and sadly it didn't. like the masti before it. the jokes are all vulgar. comedy and vulgarity are two different things, that's a concept the makers of Masti don't understand.
  • URVASHI RAUTELA, is just a pretty face I am sorry to say. the girl has no idea how to act. all she has done in the movie is strip and overact. She was Abysmal.
  • The music was not  good for me, the songs are neither good on the ears nor on the eyes. they even brought in a scene and a character in the movie just so they can  shove in a completely unnecessary song.
I would strongly recommend you guys to avoid it. its a complete waste of time. don't even watch it on DVD.
but if you do decide to watch it please Leave your brain at home.


Thursday, 14 July 2016

"The Classic Review"

Here it is, the first movie in "The Classic Review". I agree its not a review but rather a comparison. but its the first, and many more will come.

Cast of the 1955 Devdas:
Dilip Kumar as Devdas
Vyjayanthimala as Chandramukhi
Motilal as Chuinni Babu
Suchitra Sen as Parvati/Paro

Cast of the 2002 Devdas:
Shahrukh Khan as Devdas
Madhuri Dixit as chandramukhi
Jackie shroff as Chunni Babu
Aishwarya Rai as Parvati/Paro

First and foremost I would like to say that I loved both movies, Both Movies were made for its own time and according to its own time. I would try to compare everything I can, but I am wrong anywhere please forgive me, and do correct me if you wish to.

Star Performance:
It is not possible to compare The great Dilip Kumar saab with anyone, I believe his greatness can not be achieved by anyone, Both Shahrukh khan and Dilip Kumar did a great Job with Devdas, they did it completely different according to their own time but both did it equally great. The fact that Shahrukh did it in his own way, is a big plus for the 2002 Devdas, as I said Dilip kumar saab's greatness can not be copied by anyone.
the same goes for the rest of the cast, everyone did a completely different equally amazing job, in both movies.

Dialogues of both movies are again very different, even the famous ones, like "kon kambakht bardasht krne ko pita hai".
Again I would Say great job both movies. The Dialogues suit the people they were written for, and that works in favour of both movies and the actors. and also you cant just say the same thing and expect people to appreciate it. good job Bhansali sir.

Filming Location:
For me the 1955 Devdas had the edge over the 2002 Devdas. The 1955 Devdas Portrayed reality from its shooting locations, the houses, the paths, everything portrayed what you would expect in real life, whereas The 2002 Devdas was shot on a set, which seems like a fantasy world. don't get me wrong I loved both, but still reality looks better than fantasy.

The Overall Movies:
Its not really possible to say if one is better than the other, at least not for me, I loved both.
Both the films has the same story, as it was a book adaptation. but the story telling is different. I guess both movies has told the stories according to their respective times. thats why the music, the dialogues, the locations, everything is different but equally great.


Hey Guys! I have an announcement to make. I am going to start a segment called "The Classic Review" under which I will try to review some of the classic movies of the cinema, every week.
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A Monster Calls Official Trailer

Director: J.A Bayona
Writer: Patrick Ness
Stars: Felicity Jones, Liam Neeson, Lewis MacDougall

Watched the Trailer of A monster  calls, recently and I must say I am hooked.
The movie is about a young boy, who is dealing with his mothers terminal illness, and to cope with that he calls a monster he drew with his mother. he seems to be getting his anger out through the monster.
I am looking forward to the movie, and I am sure you will to once you see the trailer.
have a look:

Wednesday, 13 July 2016


La la land is an upcoming musical Drama Starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling.
The movie is directed and written by Damien chazelle.
from the teaser, not much is clear. but is sure is enough to get me hooked. it seems to be a story full of love, and pain, and music.
Both Ryan Gosling and Emma stone are wonderful actors and Damien chazelle has done some great work in the past (Whiplash, 10 cloverfield lane, among others) so we can expect a lot from the movie.
hopefully we will know more from the full trailer.
for now take a look at the teaser:

Ghostbusters Review

Director: Paul Feig
Writers: Katie Dippold, Paul feig
Stars: Melissa McCarthy,Kristen Wiig,Kate Mckinnon, Leslie Jones, chris hemsworth, and others.

Ghostbusters is a reboot of the 1984 original  ghostbusters movie, with an all female cast, plus chris hemsworth.
The 4 ladies together form a band (sort of) to fight the ghosts after they invade Manhattan.
that's all I can say about the plot because that's all there is.

Honestly, there was not much I liked about the movie, but I would talk about what I didn't like in the "BAD" section.

  • I would like to point out that the marketing campaign including the trailers, of the movie was really bad, and it sort of already gave us a bad image of the movie. I am not saying that the movie was as good as it should have been, but it also wasn't as bad as they made us think through the trailers and all.
  • The movie was enjoyable. I was expecting to laugh because it is a comedy movie, but don't expect it to be that funny, its just "chuckles" kinda enjoyable.
  • All the Stars did a decent job, the ladies were really good. chris hemsworth gave me the most laughs, or should I say chuckles? although they do shove it down your throat that chris's character is dumb, but still he was funny.

  • The movie was a reboot of an original movie, and that worked out against the movie, as in the movie has nothing new, or original to offer. you cant help but think that may be they should have a made a different movie and not a reboot.
  • Personally I hated the villain. he had nothing "villainy" to offer. the villain of the original ghostbusters had a connection with the movie (if you remember) but here the villain is just sort of, there, and has no material connection with the movie.
  • What I absolutely Hated about the movie was the constant reminders of the original movie. every 15 or so minutes they had to throw something in from the original movie to remind us that they had an original ghostbusters.
Its a highly avoidable movie. you are better off watching literally anything else. you will watch it on dvd eventually. wait for the DVD I would suggest.


Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Imperium Official Trailer 1

Director:Daniel Ragussis
Writers:Michael German, Daniel Ragussis
Stars:Daniel Radcliffe, Toni Collette, and others.

Impermium is a crime Thriller, where Daniel Radcliffe's character is an FBI agent who 
infiltrates a terrorist group, who seems to be Nazis or loyal to Nazis.
He has to take them down from the inside without being caught as the snitch.

Take a look at the trailer:

Monday, 11 July 2016

My Top 10 Most Anticipated Hollywood Movies Of 2016
In my personal opinion the last three months of every year i-e OCT, NOV, DEC, are the movies months. Because all of the great movies usually come out in these three months. In 2016 also some of my most anticipated movies are coming out in the last three months.
Bear in mind these are not the only movies I am excited about. There are other possibly great movies coming out in other months too. But these are the ones that I am actually waiting for.
Lets have a look:

10-Miss peregrine's home for peculiar 

The movie is directed by Tim burton, who previously directed some of my favourite movies like "Big eyes" and "Edward scissorhands". The movie is adapted from the novel by Ransom Riggs.
It casts, Eva green, Asa Butterfield, Samuel L jackson, among others. The movie come out to theaters 30th sep 2016.

9- Sing
Sing is an animated movie, created by Illumination. Who previously gave us movies like, despicable me, minions, and the secret life of pets. But a big contributing factor for my anticipation is the cast of the movie, it stars, Scarlett johanson, Seth macfarlane, Mathew mcConaughey, Reese Witherspoon, among others. 
The movie comes out 21 dec 2016.

8-Why him?
Why his a comedy movie, starring James Franco and bryan cranston, two of my most favourites. The movie is directed by John hamberg, who is also one of the writers, the other writer is Ian helfer.
The movie comes out 25 dec 2016.

The movie stars,Tom Hanks, Felicity jones, Ben foster, Irfan khan, among others. Tom hanks is enough to get me excited for the movie. But there is also the fact that the movie is directed by Academy award winner, Ron howard.
The movie comes out 28 oct 2016.

6-Jack reacher, never go back.
Sequel to Jack reacher. Starring Tom cruise and cobie smaulder. Directed by Edward zwick, previously known for movies like Defiance, and The last Samurai.
The movie comes out 21 oct 2016.

From the makers of shrek and Kung fu panda and so so many other great animated movies, comes Trolls.
Starring, Justin timberlake, Anna kendrik, zooey deschanel among others.
The movie comes out 4 Nov 2016.

I would not name movies created by disney instead I would say, Disney the creator of "our childhoods" brings to you Moana.
Starring Dwayne Johnson, Alan tudyk and others. But Disney is what makes this one of my most anticipated.

3-Fantastic beasts and where to find them.
J.K rowling, the creator of harry potter brings you this movie.
Being a gigantic fan of harry potter thats all I need to get excited and wait for this one.
Starring Eddie redmayne, colin farrell among others.
Directed by David Yates who previously directed many movies of the harry potter series including the deathly hallows.
The movie comes out 18 nov 2016.

2-Doctor strange
Marvel plus Benedict cumberbatch, say no more, I am sold. Thats all I need to be excited.
Directed by Scott derrickson.
The movie comes out 4 Nov 2016.

1-Assassin's Creed
Starring Michael fassbender, Marian cotillard, Jeremy irons and so many others.
Directed by Justin kurzel.
Its the adaptation of one of my all time favourite video games. Thats all is needed, consider me excited.
The movie comes out 21 dec 2016

I hope you like the post. Let me know if I missed something that you are excited for.