Sunday, 10 July 2016

Akira | Official Trailer | Sonakshi Sinha | A.R. Murugadoss | Releasing 2nd September 2016

The trailer of the crime drama, AKIRA, Starring Sonakshi Sinha, has been released recently. The movie is directed by A.R Murugadoss, the original story is written by Kumar Santha, and dialogues are written by Karan singh Rathore.
The movie seems to be based on the concept of women empowerment, which is great, we need more and more movies like that.
It promises a lot of action, thrills, and drama.
A.R Murugadoss is a highly acclaimed director and we can certainly expect a lot from this movie.
Sonakshi Sinha is a brilliant actress, and will hopefully do a great job. She seems to be playing the role of an angry young woman who after wasting 3 years of college (possibly because she beat someone up) moves to mumbai to get away from all that, only to find herself caught between a murder conspiracy.
This is what I can predict from the trailer. We will have to wait for the movie to know for sure.
For now enjoy the trailer:

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