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Some of srk's best

Some of Shahrukh khan's most memorable performances.

After a being MIA for a while, i am back. And we are gonna look into some of Shahrukh khan's most memorable romantic performances.
P.S this does not mean that these are the only great performance by the great shahrukh khan, these are just some of my most favourites.
And this list, by no means represent the ranking of the movies, I just wrote them as I went on.

1. Devdas

The Love story of devdas, the son of a wealthy landowner and Paro, devdas's childhood sweetheart. After devdas's family reject, paro. Devdas leaves home, but paro lives on in his memories, and he can not forget her even if he wants to. Not even love from someone else can numb his pain.
It's not easy working in the remake of a movie that the Legend Dilip Kumar has acted in, and doing it nearly as good as Dilip saab. But I must say SRK has done it although completely differently but in no way any less great than Dilip saab. For me this is always gonna be the reminder of why SRK is and will always be the King of bollywood.

2. Veer Zara

Another Royal Performance by the King. Veer Zara is the love story between, an officer of the Indian army and a simple girl from Pakistan. Its the story of a man named Veer, who spends 20 years in jail to protect the honour, Zara. the girl he love.
Its also the story of Zara, who sacrificed her youth and lives in another country to make sure the dream of the family of the man she loves are fulfilled.
As usual SRK gives an amazing performance as squadron leader Veer pratap singh. He makes us believe that love comes before everything else, and he shows it in such a way that we believe it, that ladies and gentlemen is the power of srk's performance.

3. Mohabbatein

A music teacher changes the lives of 3 young students at his college.
He shows them what love is. He inspires them to a pure love. He shows us to not just love the person, but everything and everyone connected to that person.
The connection of heart to heart, the connection of heart and love, the connection of love and the world going round and round, and the connection of love and music, that is mohabbatein.

4. Kabhi khushi kabhi gham

After marrying the girl he loves, Rahul sees no place for him in his house with his beloved family, and he leaves with his newly wedded wife. After a long time his brother brings him home and completes the family once again.
Here SRK has shown another type of love, the love between family. Its like the movie says, "its all about family".

5. Dil to pagal hai

A love triangle, where someone has to lose. But who is it gonna be? Is it gonna be Nisha? The best friend who is love with the guy who thinks of her as only her best friend. Or pooja? Who is love with one guy but getting married to another? Or Rahul who loves pooja but can not love Nisha because she is his best friend?
You will be hooked, the minute the movie starts, SRK' charm works miracles in this one.

6. Jab tak hai jaan

Yash chopra's last romantic saga. The unending love of a man, called major samar anand who would join the army to see how long he can live if he put his life on the line, because he would rather die than be separated from the love of his life.
And the love story of Meera, who would rather be separated from samar, than see his hurt because she believes God will punish summer if she breaks her promise that she made to God, to save summer's life.
And Akeera, who loves summer so much, that she can't see him separated from his past and his love, and she tries everything to give him his life back.
Just when people thought SRK has lost his charm, abd can't give us a romantic movie with that old magic, he striked back and with a bang showed us that he still rules.


A NASA engineer, leaves his job to serve his country and be with his loved ones. Does it get more patriotic than this? This Time SRK showed us love for our country and for our people. He showed us how to care fot the ones who can't Care for themselves and how to truly show love for your country. Its brilliant how he shows us that to show your love for a person, love and care for the things that person cares for.

8. Darr

SRK played a villain in this one. a phsyco villain, who loved so much that he turned bad just because he can't have the one he loves, and when she chooses the one she loves. And I must admit no one can do the phsyco act better than him.

9. Fan

After a very long time, we got to see the phsyco of darr. But this time his love was not for a girl, but for his idol who coincidentally looks like him. When his love is not returned by his idol he looses it and the Fan becomes the enemy. A man who was his inspiration, who he followed in every walk of life, he now wants hurt, he wants him to feel hiw he feels.
Like I have said above, when it comes to the phsyco act, no one does it better.

10. My name is khan

We want nothing but love and peace in the world. No matter what my name is, not what my religion is, not matter how much people hate me because of my colour, my religion, my name, I will spread love, and I will show the world that love is indeed what makes the world go round and round. That's SRK's message in my name is khan. He plays a Muslim guy suffering from Asperger.s syndrome, who marries a hindu girl with a child because he loves her, who loves all human kind and wants only love in return.

11. Rab ne banadi jodi

Can you love someone even if that person loves someone else? Its easy everyone would say. But can you spemd your whole life with that person know you will never be loved by that person?
Its the magnificent love story of surinder sahni, and taani. Surinder marries her when her would be husband dies in an accident on the wedding day. Taani tells surinder she can never love him, but suri keeps loving, he changes himself to bring back the love to taani,s life that she lost. And demands nothing in return. Isn't that how love is supposed to be?
SRK plays double role of surinder and Raj and he has played both brilliantly. He proved that he is the most versatile actor bollywood has.

12. Kal ho naa ho

Aman loves Naina and Naina loves aman, but can't be with Naina because he has a heart condition and won't live long. Naina doesn't know this truth and thinks that Aman doesn't love her. But Aman loves her so much that he wants to fill her life with love before he goes. And that's where Rohit comes in. Naina's best friend, and secretly in love with her, Rohit, is convinced by Aman that she loves him and he loves her and they should be together. Because Aman can't leave Naina without Love. The epic sotry of love. Brilliantly portrayed by the epic performance of SRK. It's surely a gem.

13. Kuch kuch hota hai

Love, friendship, are they the same or different? The story of a Anjali and her with Rahul, and Tina and her love with Rahul. Rahul marries Tina, when Anjali is in love with him, but she chooses Rahul's happiness over hers. But when Tina dies, they meet again with the help of Rahul's daughter.

14. Dilwale dulhania lejayenge

The longest running movie in history of cinema. Thw movie that revolutionized the genre of romance. People have been trying for decades to recreate that magic but failed.
The love sotry of Raj and simaran. Who meet in a trip to Europe and fall in love. She is about to be get married to someone else. But Raj follows her to India and wins her back.

15. Chak de India

The journey of a hockey player to earn back his name and his dignity after he is accused of betraying his country. After a long break he becomes the coach of the Indian women hockey team and guides them to victory in world cup against all odds.
Once again the love for the country is portrayed in the most amazing way by the Legend that is SRK.

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