Monday, 25 July 2016

My favourites from the san diego Comic Con 2016

1. Wonder woman

DC dropped the first official trailer of wonder woman at the sdcc 2016. and I must say it was the best thing I saw at the SDCC.
To start with Gal Gadot is absolutely stunning as Wonder woman. specially the scene where she is climbing up from the trench amidst the war (world War 1).
I always had my issues with DC and there Fighting scenes but I must say Wonder Woman is kick ass as hell. Specially that scene  where she slides on her shield and knocks down a bad guy. I am absolutely looking forward to it.
It seems they are staying true to the comics, and Steve trevor and wonder Woman will have a romantic relationship.
the trailer show wonder Woman standing up for equality, she will not be told by a man what she should do and she considers a man telling a woman what to do "Slavery".
We get out first look at Theyscira, and its Mesmerizing.
I have High expectations from this one, lets see what happens when the movie comes out.
enjoy the trailer:

2. Justice League

The first footage from the Justice league  was shown at the SDCC. personally when I see ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne anywhere, I am sold. but I must admit there were a lot more awesome stuff in the trailer than just Bruce Wayne. Now it's not a full trailer as the movie is still under process, The trailer shows us that Bruce Wayne is recruiting people with super human abilities to form the justice league.
For me Aqua man Stole the show. he is so bad ass and Strong. i think Jason momoa is the perfect choice. the scene here aqua man is standing and THE freaking Ocean Hits him, its breathtaking.
I had my doubts about The Flash, after Ezra miller in Batman v Superman, and partly because I personally am a fan of grant Gustin's The Flash. but I must Say I really Liked our new Flash, more than I expected. that moment when Bruce Wayne throws a Batarang at him, and time slows down (because he is the Flash) and he looks at the Batarang and then realizes that this is batman and then catches the Batarang, that is an absolutely amazing scene.
it seems like DC is going the Marvel way, as in they seem to be introducing a lot of humor in this movie and Wonder woman, and also the tone of the movies is a lot lighter. may be now we can finally give rest to the debate of DC vs Marvel.
Enjoy the footage:

3. Doctor Strange

Marvel dropped the second trailer of Doctor Strange. First of all let me tell you why I am excited about Doctor Strange. It;s not a typical Superhero story where normally there is a guy with super human ability or insane training and becomes a vigilante or joins a league of some sorts. here we have a gentlemen who masters Magic, His nick name literally is The Sorcerer Supreme. we will get to see some mind bending scenarios in this movie.
The CGI looks like nothing before, its fantastic. 
And benedict cumberbatch as Doctor Strange is absolutely fabulous. I can't stress it enough How much I love him as the Sorcerer supreme. that scene where he throws back his cape while walking, OMG its so bad ass.
we saw the villain of the movie, i-e Kaecilius played by Mads Mikkelsen.
I am excited a lot about this movie, and I am sure it wont disappoint. 
Enjoy the trailer:

4. Spider Man Homecoming

The first teaser of Spider man homecoming was shown at SDCC. it was a small footage and doesn't reveal much about the movie. it shows peter parker Admiring girls from a far, doing his geeky Science Stuff, and of course fighting crime.
One thing that was confirmed was the fact that it's going to be a high school movie. and frankly that's what I wanted. and that;s how it was supposed to be.
another thing that was confirmed was the villain, its going to be Vulture. (shown in the poster I have attached).
let wait for the full trailer to know more. 

5. Guardians of the Galaxy 2

A Small footage of Guardians of the galaxy was also shown at the SDCC, including a cameo from Sylvester Stallone and Kurt Russell's Ego. Th footage Shows the guardian fighting against some sort of alien beast. it shows that the movie will have a lot of humor like the first one. and that's about it. considering the fact that the movie is still in production, that's all they can show for now. but I must admit that's all it took for me to be hooked.

6. Marvel's Iron Fist

We Saw our first teaser of Marvel's Iron Fist that will air on netflix.
The teaser starts by showing the origin story of Danny Rand played by Finn jones. the origin story is true to the comics, there plane crashes in the mountain and he is found by some monks who are from the Secret city of  K'un L'un. There is he is trained in martial arts and also given super powers, as shown in the trailer when he punches the door and throws it quite far away. the trailer pretty much tells us what the Show will be all about. I am pretty excited about it, lets see how it turns out when we see the it.
enjoy the teaser for now:

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