Saturday, 2 July 2016

                        Janaan- Official Trailer
                          A Film By Azfar Jafri

Armeena Rana Khan, Ali Rehman, Bilal Ashraf, Mishi Khan, 
Ajab Gul, Nayyar Ejaz, Hania Aamir & Usman Muktar

Azfar Jafri

Osman Khalid Butt

Hareem Farooq, Reham Khan, Munir Hussain & Imran Raza Kazmi 

The Fun-filled Trailer of the much awaited Pakistani movie, Janaan has been released. The movie is going to be a romantic comedy. the story seems to be a love triangle, between 2 boys an a girl. the trailer also shows the love between 2 brother, and the love of family.
the movie is centered is a Pushtoon environment, and seems to be focusing on pushtoon culture and traditions.
The trailer promises great music, great locations. and lots of drama. In short, so much can be expected from the movie. its a step in the right direction for the pakistani film industry. I guess we will have to wait for the movie to come out, to see whether it matches our expectations.
The movie is expected to release at 13 september 2016, on Eid ul adha.

Check out the fun-filled, amazing trailer, below:


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