Friday, 22 July 2016

The classic Review: The untouchables

Director: Brian de palma
Writer: David Mamet
Stars: Robert de niro, Kevin costner, Sean Connery, Andy Garcia and others.

The disease that is bootlegging, has chicago in it's hold. And Agent Elliot ness has taken it on himself to stop it once and for all. Jim malone, a beat cop helps ness to build a team called the untouchables. They recruite Agent George stone from the police academy and an accountant from the Washington bureau joins in who later turns in to a gun blazing agent like the rest of them. The only objective of the team is to put a man named Al Capone behind bars.

The Star performance of the movie is flawless, absolutely amazing. Specially sean connery as Jim malone. But it doesn't mean the rest of them were any less great.
For a crime drama, I was surprised how much the emotional side of the movie appealed to me. Every time a member of the team dies, they care, they weep, and they truly show emotional attachment, i really liked it.
The scene where, Kevin Costner is fighting the bad guys in the train station,s stairs, and a baby in a push chair is sliding down the stairs, and right when the kid is about to reach the end of the stairs where one of the bad guy is waiting, and Andy garcia throws one gun to Kevin costner, and slides to put his leg to stop the push chair, Kevin Costner, shoots the bad guy at the end of the stairs and they save the baby while managing to kill everyone except a couple of bad guys. That scen made me clap for them, thats how much I liked it.
The visuals of the movie are so mesmerizing. The locales are so genuine according to the plot of the movie.

To be honest, I didn't really find anything that bad about the movie, just one thing, Robert de niro as Al Capone is truly amazing, but considering the fact that he is the main villain, he has very less screen time than I expected. I think his role could have been expanded a Little.

Final word:
If you haven't seen it you should definitely. It is a classic, and it is brilliant.

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