Saturday, 9 July 2016

Director: jaume collet-serra
Stars: blake lively, a seagull and a shark

Blake lively goes to a beautiful lagoon to escape problems at home. The name of the lagoon we do not know. When she goes in the water, a shark attacks her, and she is trapped on a rock. Land is just right there, but she can't reach it because there is a shark circling the rock she is on.

Blake lively has done a really impressive job. She literally was the only one who had to take the movie ahead and either make it or break it, and she did a great job.

The director should be given the credit here. its not easy to make a good movie, where all you have is one actor, a seagull and a shark, and one place where you have to shoot the whole movie. But the director has done an amazing job, and has made the movie to be really good.

I loved the tension more than anything. There are times when the movie keeps you on the edge of your seat. Eg when she is trying to step into the water reluctantly and you are like "ohh please don't, get back get back".

There are not really anything that bad in the movie, it was a short movie and they didn't do anything that bad in it.

If we are nitpicking then there are times when blake lively is acting perfectly without dialogues, but then then she says something which feels completely unnecessary.

Sometimes the movie feels slow, or may be it was just me. But I felt like they should speed it up. There is not much to do on the one rock, and between one person and a shark and a seagull.

I loved it. It was thrilling, it was well acted, well directed. And I recommend it.

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