Monday, 11 July 2016

My Top 10 Most Anticipated Hollywood Movies Of 2016
In my personal opinion the last three months of every year i-e OCT, NOV, DEC, are the movies months. Because all of the great movies usually come out in these three months. In 2016 also some of my most anticipated movies are coming out in the last three months.
Bear in mind these are not the only movies I am excited about. There are other possibly great movies coming out in other months too. But these are the ones that I am actually waiting for.
Lets have a look:

10-Miss peregrine's home for peculiar 

The movie is directed by Tim burton, who previously directed some of my favourite movies like "Big eyes" and "Edward scissorhands". The movie is adapted from the novel by Ransom Riggs.
It casts, Eva green, Asa Butterfield, Samuel L jackson, among others. The movie come out to theaters 30th sep 2016.

9- Sing
Sing is an animated movie, created by Illumination. Who previously gave us movies like, despicable me, minions, and the secret life of pets. But a big contributing factor for my anticipation is the cast of the movie, it stars, Scarlett johanson, Seth macfarlane, Mathew mcConaughey, Reese Witherspoon, among others. 
The movie comes out 21 dec 2016.

8-Why him?
Why his a comedy movie, starring James Franco and bryan cranston, two of my most favourites. The movie is directed by John hamberg, who is also one of the writers, the other writer is Ian helfer.
The movie comes out 25 dec 2016.

The movie stars,Tom Hanks, Felicity jones, Ben foster, Irfan khan, among others. Tom hanks is enough to get me excited for the movie. But there is also the fact that the movie is directed by Academy award winner, Ron howard.
The movie comes out 28 oct 2016.

6-Jack reacher, never go back.
Sequel to Jack reacher. Starring Tom cruise and cobie smaulder. Directed by Edward zwick, previously known for movies like Defiance, and The last Samurai.
The movie comes out 21 oct 2016.

From the makers of shrek and Kung fu panda and so so many other great animated movies, comes Trolls.
Starring, Justin timberlake, Anna kendrik, zooey deschanel among others.
The movie comes out 4 Nov 2016.

I would not name movies created by disney instead I would say, Disney the creator of "our childhoods" brings to you Moana.
Starring Dwayne Johnson, Alan tudyk and others. But Disney is what makes this one of my most anticipated.

3-Fantastic beasts and where to find them.
J.K rowling, the creator of harry potter brings you this movie.
Being a gigantic fan of harry potter thats all I need to get excited and wait for this one.
Starring Eddie redmayne, colin farrell among others.
Directed by David Yates who previously directed many movies of the harry potter series including the deathly hallows.
The movie comes out 18 nov 2016.

2-Doctor strange
Marvel plus Benedict cumberbatch, say no more, I am sold. Thats all I need to be excited.
Directed by Scott derrickson.
The movie comes out 4 Nov 2016.

1-Assassin's Creed
Starring Michael fassbender, Marian cotillard, Jeremy irons and so many others.
Directed by Justin kurzel.
Its the adaptation of one of my all time favourite video games. Thats all is needed, consider me excited.
The movie comes out 21 dec 2016

I hope you like the post. Let me know if I missed something that you are excited for.


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