Thursday, 7 July 2016

Sultan, Review


Spoiler ahead, proceed at your own risk

Director: Ali abbas zafar
Writer: Ali abbas zafar
Stars: Salman Khan, Anushka sharma

Salman khan's much awaited Sultan released on Eid day. Expectations were high from the combo of Yash raj and salman khan, and I must say the movie is true to its expectations.
The movie is about an indian wrestler Sultan ali khan, from Haryana, who joins wrestling because he falls in love with a girl named Arfa, who is a wrestler. But pretty soon, after Arfa insult Sultan, and tells him that she can only marry a successful wrestler and that he has nothing to be called successful, Sultan starts to think seriously about wrestling and very soon, he wins a gold medal for his country in the olympics. Arfa agrees to marry him. But success makes Sultan arrogant and in the process of following his dream of becoming world champion, his wife leaves him and he leaves wrestling.


Salman Khan is simply fantastic as Sultan. His expressions, specifically in sad emotional scenes are beautiful. His haryanvi accent is spot on, flawless.

Sultan is entertainment at its best. It has everything that a bollywood entertainer needs, love, emotions, music, and of course Salman.

The combo of a sports movie and love story has mever beeny favourite, something is always left out, or missing, or incomplete. That being said, sultan, a love story at its core, has a really great and impressive story.

Sultan is a family entertainer and like all Salman khan movies you can watch it with your family.


Anushka sharma's performance was OK, but i felt it could have been better. At times ahe kinda looks our of character, and at times alson her haryanvi accent sounds forced, not genuine.

A movie like sultan, does not necessarily need the modern masala songs, like, "440 volts" and "sachi muchi". In my opinion Sultan should have only had the title track.
Plus, placement of a couple of songs was
not good.

I have said above that Sultan has a great story, and I stand by it. But like I said in the combo of sports and love story something lefts out, and here the sports part, that is wrestling, is not as focused upon as it should have.

The movie is highly predictable I am sad to say, at the interval you would know what the next half will be like.


Nitpicking aside, I really enjoyed the movie and I am sure you guys will too. Go watch it woth your family and have fun.


  1. First time I found that Salman khan can act.... Because he got something which shows his acting.... Because movies like bodyguard didnt gave him a chance to act peacefully .... But now i salute the way he act in Sultan..... He should do only movies like this.... Nothing more....

    1. Well said brother,but you have forgotten the movie "Bajrangi Bhaijan" his performance was excellent.