Wednesday, 15 February 2017



Director:  Subhash Kapoor
Stars:       Sudhanva Deshpande, Avijit Dutt, Nikhil Dwivedi 


An immoral Lawyer Jagdish Mishra/Jolly (Akshay Kumar) fight for justice after an innocent girl who's husband was murdered by some corrupt cops, commits suicide.


Jolly LLB 2 is a very simple yet hard hitting movie. I was expecting nothing less considering it being an Akshay Kumar movie who has given nothing but brilliance with his past few performances, and Akshay as Jolly exceeded my expectations by miles. Once again he has delivered a spectacular performance. Be it comedy or a sad scene Akshay will make you feel what he is feeling and that's the beauty of his performance.

Jolly LLB is a perfect blend of comedy and tragedy. When I saw the trailer I was afraid that they are gonna get one of the parts wrong. but I am glad they did.t, the comedy part will make you laugh and the tragedy will make you cry. A couple of scenes that I feel like I should mention because they were that awesome, first is where Hina (the girl who commits suicide) breaks down in front of Akshay when he tricks her into giving him money, and one where after Akshay's fraud comes to light he breaks down in front of his father, these two scenes brought tears to my eyes.

Last but not least at all was the message of unity that the movie gave, especially Akshay's speech at the end where he says that we don't need bad people it doesn't matter which religion they belong to, it felt like a perfect way to end a movie like this.


All the big problems I have with Jolly LLB 2 can probably be summed into one giant problem and that's what I am gonna try to do, I hope you guys get it. Jolly LLB is a movie which starts with comedy and then with different turns of events it drifts into tragedy, but the problem is when the tragic and serious part of the movie starts Akshay is the only one who is serious. The characters of the judge and the defense lawyer should have been very serious characters but instead, they act like clowns and in scenes, they even try to be extra funny which completely contradicts the tone of the movie at that point in time. for example, The defense lawyer when insulted by Akshay in one scene turns to his assistant and asks him to write down the line (which Akshay uses to insult him). The judge acts like a clown all the time which, to be honest looks close to over-acting. The court looks like a casual place where friends get together and discuss problems, where anyone can reject the judge's orders or yell at the judge or argue with him. 

Another small problem which now I feel that I should stop saying because almost every Bollywood movie has it, was the Jolly's wife (Huma Qureshi) her character was completely unnecessary in the movie.


Do expect it to be a Bollywood movie which has mistakes and is nowhere near perfect but Definitely Watch it. its a simple movie with a hard hitting and a very positive message and should not be missed.


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