Tuesday, 7 February 2017

REVIEW: The LEGO Batman Movie

REVIEW: The LEGO Batman Movie

Director:  Chris McKay
Stars:       Jenny Slate, Ralph Fiennes, Channing Tatum and more.


The LEGO Batman movie is a spin-off from The LEGO movie. The movie is a comedy about a narcissistic, self-obsessed Batman (which he actually is ;-)). Batman has to deal with the evil plans of the criminals of Gotham, including The Joker, and also raise a boy he adopted (Robin).


What I loved about it was the great comedy it had. Batman is such a dark character haunted by his past but even in other DC movies there are things that you could make fun of and for a long time people have been doing that, now finally it's official and the makers of The LEGO Batman movie used those points brilliantly. For example, if we look at the character of Batman, He is self-obsessed, narcissistic and LONELY, and there are jokes about all of them. I believe that this would have been an easy movie to make because the makers had endless resources to make fun of, they had comics, they had the DCEU, they even had the online WAR between DC and MARVEL fans to get help from (I am not saying they got any help from them), and they took advantage of that and gave us a great comedy.

The movie also has a serious portion which is like a family drama, and if you are or have been in the past a fan of the Batman Movies there is a chance that you will not end up being disappointed and you will really enjoy that part too.

Another thing that I loved in the movie was the animations of the LEGOs. The giant cars and planes and stuff being constructed from the LEGOs looked stunning. I loved it in The LEGO movie before this and I loved it here too if anything I would say that they have actually improved.


Remember I said that the part about the family drama is something "GOOD" about this movie?
well, I stand by what I said, but for some people, it might be a turn-off, because, after the countless jokes and points at Batman and funny references to DC movies, and laughing your ass off, it is kinda hard to transition into a family drama. I am one of those people because until that part I was laughing like a crazy person, I had tears in my eyes because of the laughing and then suddenly everything changed and they gave me a family drama, I am not saying that the part of the family drama was bad, but I was expecting comedy until the end.


A warning! if you have asthma or any breathing problem, either avoid it or take your inhaler with you because I guarantee that you will be laughing your ass off. I loved the movie and definitely recommend it to you guys.


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