Friday, 3 February 2017

REVIEW: Resident Evil: The final chapter

REVIEW: Resident Evil: The Final Chapter 

Director:  Paul W.S. Anderson
Writer:    Paul W.S. Anderson
Stars:     Milla Jovovich, Iain Glen, Ali Larter and more.


The story is pretty much like the Resident  evil movie that came before "The Final Chapter".
i-e They search for a cure to the virus and trying to take down Umbrella.


The only good thing about the movie was the fact that it is "The Final chapter" which means it is finally over.


Okay so to start with I didn't really want to watch this movie because after the first three movies the movies were all very bad and they got worst by the movie. And surprise surprise!
I was right, there was nothing better in this one either.

Firstly, a long way into the movie nothing really happens, it's the same old thing of fighting the virus and finding the cure and talking about Umbrella. That made me wonder if "The final chapter" should have been made at all.

Then they tell you all these things that happened and that is supposed to be the reason for where they are right now in the movie but that only put a question mark on the former installments in the franchise because what they are telling us in this movie and what they have told us in the former movies does not match.

Resident evil: The final chapter has no story what so ever. The movie is filled with action sequences and that's about it. Why? I ask you Why would you try to ruin a perfectly good video game franchise like that? The video games have far better stories than the movies. someone should tell the makers of the movie that a movie has a lot more to it than just action.


Thank God this franchise is finally over. I was waiting for this day to come. I hope to God that they don't try to reboot it now. And BTW DO NOT watch this movie.


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