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REVIEW: Kaabil

REVIEW: Kaabil

Director:  Sanjay Gupta
Writers:   Sanjay Masoom (dialogue), Vijay Kumar Mishra
Stars:       Hrithik Roshan, Yami Gautam, Ronit Roy and more.


Supriya Bhatnagar (Yami Gautam) a blind girl is raped and she commits suicide, Rohan Bhatnagar (Hrithik Roshan) Supriya's husband who is also blind is seeking revenge.


It wouldn't be wrong to say the Hrithik and Ronit Roy are the main good things about Kaabil. After Mohinjo Daro Hrithik had to give something to prove that he is in fact still the Hrithik we all fell in love with and he did just that with Kaabil. Playing a blind man is not an easy job and I was worried to be honest since it is Bollywood after all, but Hrithik proved me wrong, he has played the blind man with absolute near perfection. There are scenes where I nearly cried because I felt for a blind man, like the scene where Hrithik is knocking on the door while crying and he says "Darwaza Kholo bhai", I was speechless, that's how good that scene was. 
Ronit Roy was amazing in his negative role as expected.To know if a baddie in any movie has done a good job you need to measure the extent to which he makes you hate him, the more you hate him the better he is, and I absolutely hated Ronit Roy and for me, that means he was great in his act.

Yami Gautam was pretty good in her act but her act didn't test her that much and that's why she seems just okay in the movie. Her chemistry with Hrithik was amazing, they both had a spark going on in the entire movie and I enjoyed it.

A few twists were really good in the movie, like the twist of her suicide which happened after the 2nd rape, and also the twist of her 2nd rape itself was pretty shocking.

In a couple of scenes there was a subtle message about how today's society is actually more blind than an actual blind person, like that scene where Hrithik's friend is on the phone and he is about to fall from the building but Hrithik (A blind man) saves his life or the scene where Hrithik tells the police officer that there is more darkness in your law and order than our lives.


They started the movie with a very good plot but when Hrithik goes to tell the police officer that he would do something about it that's where they messed things up, after that revelation they went on making it like a "vigilante thriller" but I felt like they could have made it a very brilliant movie if they hadn't made him reveal that he was about to do something.  

Realism was missing in parts of the movie, for example, How can a loving husband his wife alone and go to work after she has just been raped? that's not the only time, there are a lot of times when you feel like "They could have done a better job".

The biggest problem I had with the movie was that they shoved in the love story in the first half and then they felt like they don't have enough time to show us the love story so they decided to just fast forward through it and then in the second half they ended having not enough time for the actual revenge. I felt like they should have avoided the love story and should have just shown us that he is trying to revenge his wife, that way we could have seen how he actually does what he does, how he plans for it, how he trains himself (climbing a few stairs is not training) and stuff like that.

Songs were not required at all in this intense thriller, especially the item number had no place in the movie. maybe just the song "teri aadat hogayi hai" was a song that sort of fitted in.


If you are a die hard Hrithik Fan then you would love Kaabil, as he is brilliant in the movie. but the movie is avoidable otherwise, if you have other options go see that one,you can watch Kaabil when it comes out on DVD.


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