Friday, 27 January 2017



Directors:  Ron Clements, Don Hall and more
Writers:   Jared Bush (screenplay), Ron Clements (story by) and more
Stars:      Auli'i Cravalho, Dwayne Johnson, Rachel House and more


A heart of the mother island, stolen by a demigod needs to be restored to it;s place in order to save the world from dying and the daughter of the Chief of an island sets out to complete that task but first, she needs to find the demigod.


  • Moana has some enjoyable comedy that actually makes you laugh. be at the silly dancing of a kid in the island or Dwayne Johnsn's witty jokes as the demigod Maui or the Chief's daughter when she is a baby you will laugh during the movie.
  • The message of goodness and the emotions related to that, which you will find in every Disney movie works here too.
  • A really good movie for kids.


  • Every time I watch a Disney fairytale the one thing I always have a problem with is the songs after a certain time. I believe they should avoid the songs or maybe just keep to like one song for a movie. Now that's just my opinion some people might actually like it and considering it's a movie for kids I might be very wrong.
  • Okay, so the chief daughter is chosen by the sea to carry out the task and she can ask the ocean to pretty much do anything she wants, yet she needs to sail across the ocean to find the demigod and then the mother island when she could have been taken by the ocean easily. And not to mention the evil Villain who will die if touched by water could have been defeated or at least controlled by the "ocean" without any trouble.


When you read this review please keep in mind that it is a movie for kids, after all, I recommend you take your kids to the movie they will love it. And for adults, please avoid it if you have no kids with you.


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