Monday, 16 January 2017

REVIEW: Sleepless

REVIEW: Sleepless

Directed by:              Baran bo Odar (directed by) 
Writing Credits:       Andrea Berloff (screenplay)
                                   Frédéric Jardin (based on the film "Nuit blanche" written by) (as                                                                                       Frederic Jardin) &
                                   Nicolas Saada (based on the film "Nuit blanche" written by) &
                                   Olivier Douyère (based on the film "Nuit blanche" written by) (as Olivier                                                                          Douyere)
Stars:                        Jamie Foxx, Michelle Monaghan, Dermot Mulroney | and more.


  • Jamie Foxx was really good in his character as the corrupt cop who is trying to find his son.
  • A couple of fight scenes were really enjoyable.

  • The biggest flaw Sleepless has is the lack of commitment, I mean the at times the movie seems like a thriller, sometimes it's a pure action movie, the movie just doesn't tell you what is it that it's trying to show.
  • At times you feel like the movie should have been called "Mindless" because you have to tell your mind to shut up. because at times the movie just doesn't make sense at all. 

Avoid this one guys! I know we are going through a rough spell. Hopefully, it will end soon. but this one is definitely a waste.


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