Thursday, 26 January 2017



Directed by: 
Rahul Dholakia
Writing Credits: 
Rahul Dholakia
Harit Mehta
Niraj Shukla
Ashish Vashi

Shah Rukh Khan, 
Nawazuddin Siddiqui
Mahira Khan
Zeeshan Ayyub

The Story:

A war between a bootlegger (Shahrukh Khan) selling Alcohol in a state of India which is considered to be a dry state and a police officer (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) who has sworn to stop him no matter where he is. The bootlegger has a great business mind and a warrior's courage and a golden heart whereas the police officer is extremely good at his job and is extremely honest. set in the 80s it's a crime drama that will take you on an amazing ride.


  • Shahrukh khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui are the gems in the movie. Shahrukh khan as the bootlegger is the heart of the movie. he is at his best. Especially when he is angry, he takes his act to a whole new level when he is angry. There is a scene where he kills his boss, a guy he has shared all his crime journey with and to towards he is very loyal and right before shooting him he has tears in his eyes and thinks about all the times they have shared, that scene will make you wanna cry with Shahrukh khan. Another scene where he gets angry with his wife and later rest his head in her lap and tells her while crying that he is tired, it will melt you down. The action scenes are fantastic. Nawaz as the tough and honest police officer is amazing, he carries out the part effortlessly and with his style of humorous touch. I should mention Zeeshan Ayyub as the side hero was extremely good too, his humor when he himself is serious is awesome.
  • I was expecting a happy ending to the movie considering the fact that it is a Bollywood movie but was surprised and extremely impressed with the climax of the movie. Both  Nawaz and Shahrukh did an awesome job at the scene.
  • If I was to rate the music album of Raees I would probably say that only a couple of songs were good, but after watching the movie I must say the music album so synced and right with every scene and everything happening in the movie that I ended up loving all the songs.
  • A bootlegger with a golden heart was a very enjoyable concept. And Shahrukh khan acted it out so well that you feel for him despite he being the bad guy (technically). there is a scene where Shahrukh khan has to return money to the people of his town and when he returns the money he himself is still at a loss but he is so happy for the people and you would actually feel his happiness and that is the how great the part is acted out.


  • There is a chase scene between Shahrukh khan and a bad guy where Shahrukh is seen free running on rooftops and through windows, Although I loved the scene very much, I also felt that they could have done a better job with the vfx and with the whole scene. Maybe,  they shouldn't have used Vfx at all, It would have been an even better scene without vfx, they just had to avoid a few things in it, that's it.


Raees is one of Shahrukh khan's best performance in his career. It's a must watch for fans and non-fans alike. do watch it.

The Trailer is right here:

One of my favorite songs from the movie:

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