Saturday, 6 August 2016

Review: Batman The Killing Joke

*Spoilers alert*

Director: Sam Liu
Stars: Kevin Conroy, Mark Hamill, Tara Strong, Ray Wise, and more.

Joker has escaped and batman is after him. joker's mission is to drive detective Gordon insane to prove a pint that a simple man can become crazy like him if he is forced to. he attacks the Gordon family, paralyses Barbara Gordon AKA Batgirl and takes Detective Gordon with him. and batman goes after him to stop him.

I really enjoyed the movie, it had its flaws but overall it was a really good movie, with a real heart to it. to be specific:

  • I loved the Joker. I loved the way he is shown in the movie and most of all I loved his back story and the story telling of the back story. when you see the side of the joker where he is a common  man, and a failed comedian trying so hard to support and provide for his family, and how unfortunate circumstances turned him into the heartless Joker, you really feel for him.
  • The final scene where Joker tells a joke and then laughs so hard that he makes batman laugh too and then they both laugh so hard, it was my favourite scene, I laughed even harder than them.
I admit it was a really enjoyable and great movie but it had a lot of flaws that bugged me. specifically:
  • First of all I gotta say, The first 30 minutes of the movie are absolutely useless, it has nothing to do with Joker who is the main villain, and it is kind of his story.
  • The sex scene between Batgirl and Batman is CREEPY. there are a lot of reasons for that, first of all he is old. second of all batman is like a father figure to Barbara. plus she is the girlfriend and was the fiance (at one point) of Dick Grayson, who is batman's adopted son.
  • Batman was really good in the movie, but I gotta admit I wanted more Bruce Wayne. Bruce Wayne had only one scene in the movie, that too in the bat suit only without the Cape.
  • Joker tortured Detective Gordon, paralyzed Barbara Gordon, in my opinion batman should have killed him, if not kill him then letting him go, standing there laughing with him, offering to work together, is completely unacceptable for me.
Final Word:
Its an enjoyable and entertaining movie, but it has its problems, I would say if you avoided this one in the theater you have done good. watch it on DVD its a one time movie.

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