Thursday, 25 August 2016

Review: Happy Bhaag Jayegi

Writer & Director:  Mudassar Aziz
Stars: Diana penty, Abhay Deol Ali Fazal Jimmy Shergill

Happy an Indian girl reaches Pakistan by mistake when she tries to run away with her lover on her wedding day. Her lover, her would be husband (who she left) try to get her back from Pakistan, while a young politician from Pakistan helps her get home.


  • The positive message of the movie was the biggest plus point of the movie. it shows how there is nothing but love between the people of both countries, and how they are the same people.
  • Star performance supported the movie a lot, specially Diana, she was really impressive in her role, her quirky, devil may care act was really appealing, plus she looks really pretty. Ali Fazal did a great job at times, specially the emotional scenes, he faltered a little with the drunk scene but it could be Ignored. Piyush Mishra as the COP Usman Afridi was brilliant, some of the best laughs I had was from his character. Abhay Deol did his part amazingly as well.
  • It was a family entertainer, with clean comedy. for me it's a big thing, considering today's domination of vulgar comedies. it proves that you don't need to be vulgar to be funny.
  • I didn't care for Jimmy Shergill's character. not that his acting was not good, but his character was a lot like his character from Tanu weds Manu, and a lot of his acting seemed repetitive.
  • At times the chemistry between Diana Penty and Ali Fazal just vanishes, mostly because Ali can't hold his end of the act. One minute they look good together and the next, it just looks like they don't belong together.
Final Word:
I really liked the movie, it was a fun family entertainer, and I would recommend it to all of you.

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