Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Review: Dishoom

Director: Rohit Dhawan
Writers: Rohit Dhawan, Tushar Hiranandani,
Stars: Jacqueline Fernandez, Varun Dhawan, John Abraham.

The Star player of the Indian cricket team has been kidnapped in Dubai, by someone who can make a lot of money if  India loses the final against Pakistan, and he believes that without that one star player there is no way India can win. the case is given to an Indian police officer who partners with a newly recruited officer in the Dubai police who is also an Indian.

The movie was suppose to entertain and it did that. specifically:

  • John Abraham as the rough and tough, all the time serious Cop Kabir, is Excellent, His performance suits him completely. and I must say he has done an amazing job with his role. same goes for Varun dhawan, his cahracter, Junaid, is this funny,  full of life, non-serious, Cop with a golden heart, and I think no one cold have been better suited than Varun for this character. Varun has done the role wonderfully.
  • The chemistry between Varun and John is really good, it's a big contributing factor to the movie being so entertaining.
  • It might not be a big point for some of you, but for me IT IS, considering the situation of comedies in bollywood now a days, I really like the comedy in the movie, it was funny but clean, it made me laugh but it didn't get vulgar.
Its a typical bollywood masala entertainer, it does entertain you but most of the movie does not make sense, which I guess is common for a masala movie. lets get into the specifics:
  • An Indian police officer working on a case in Dubai, has to follow Dubai's rules and regulations, it doesn't make sense that a super cop from India can do whatever the hell he wants in Dubai, breaks any law he wants to, including putting a gun on the head of an officer from the Dubai police on his first day in Dubai, and gets away with everything.
  • Surprisingly majority of the police force in Dubai is Indian. it could have been more realistic if Junaid (Varun) was the only one Indian in the police force.
  • The kidnapped player is found by a dog who has a camera in his collar put there by Junaid when he brings the Dog back home. its a really big co-incidence and quite frankly it doesn't make much sense.
Final Word:
If you like masala entertainers which most of the time does not make sense, then you will enjoy this one, as its really entertaining and it will give you quite a few good laughs as well. But if you are a class movies lover and look for logic and sense in movies then definitely avoid it.

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