Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Review: A Hologram for the King

Director: Tom Tykwer
Writers: Dave Eggers, Tom Tykwer
Stars: Tom Hanks, Alexander Black, Saritha Chaudhury.

A hologram for the King is the story of a failed businessman who tries to sell his idea of a hologram to the King of Saudi Arabia. where he gets to know life in saudi arabia which is hard. He finds new friends, and a new life.


  • Star Performance was probably the Biggest selling point of the movie. specifically Tom Hanks as Alan and Alexander Black as Yousef. Both did a splendid job with their roles. the scene where they are passing through the famous mosque "The Haram", in the holy city of Makka, and Tom hanks folds his hands out respect, and the way he looks at "The Haram", mesmerized me, 
  • Some things shown about the wealthy class of Arab is true and I loved the way they showed their true faces, eg the fact that they look down on the lower class, or anyone that is not them.
  • The whole Story seemed flawed to me, it began good, the whole business point of view of the movie i-e "The Hologram" was portrayed really good. but I don't think the Love story between the lady doctor and Alan was necessary, the movie could actually have been better if that angle had been avoided.

  • The movie gets really unrealistic at places, eg, there is a scene where yousef Just turns around in the middle of the road without even slowing down, or caring for the cars following him, I am pretty sure you can't do that in Saudi Arabia, they have really strict law. Also its not likely to find a cab driver who is Arab, most of them are foreigners, and at the beginning Alan is drove to the Hotel by an Arab cab driver.
Final Word:
If I hadn't done this review so late, I would have said to avoid this one at the theaters, but since its already out on DVD, I would suggest Watch it, its a good one time entertainment.

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