Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Review: Jason Bourne

Review: Jason Bourne

Jason Bourne is back and he wants to kick some ass. He knows everything about his past and his identity. He is off the grid and trying to survive. But then Nicky Parson, a former agency operative and Bourne's friend and ally from the past reaches him and shows him some files that unveils the truth about his past.

  • Matt Damon is fantastic, he proved it that he is Jason Bourne. And I must say he has still got it. I loved his performance.

  • The movie was enjoyable and entertaining and it didn't disappoint me and that was a big thing for me, because I know it's really hard to come back after such a long time and not disappoint. Bravo! The whole team.

  • There are times when they kind of reminds you that this is the Bourne from the past, eg, the theme music from the first 3 Bourne movies, that plays in this movie every time Bourne is about to do something kick ass, or in the end, when the music tells you that Bourne is always one step ahead of you. I loved that connection.

  • Unfortunately the movie didn't have anything new. Everything it offered. We have seen it already in a lot of secret agent movies, including the Bourne series.

Final Word:
Its not as great as good as the first 3 Bourne movies, but it's still really good and entertaining, I would recommend you guys to watch it.

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