Saturday, 13 August 2016

Review: Coke Studio Season 9 Episode 1

Coke Studio season 9 is off to an explosive start, the first episode is full of amazing music and amazing vocals. Although it is way too early to compare it to the super hit season 8, but I gotta admit from the first episode its looking pretty good. lets have a look at the songs in the first episode of season 9. and this not at all the ranking of the songs, I am just typing as they come in to mind.

1- Sasu Mangay, Naseebo Lal & Umair Jaswal

Sung by Naseebo Lal, and Umer jaswal and music is directed by Shiraz Uppal. this one is a coke studio version of an old folk song.
music is what Coke studio is known for and they have done it again with this song. Naseebo Lal's part was the almost the same as the original song, and it couldn't have been a problem for an experienced singer like her, and she did good for her part, what was the deciding pat for me was Umair Jaswal's part and to be honest at first I was kind of disappointed but then he sang the "HOYA KI HAAL MERA, RAB JANDA" and I was sold, he nailed it perfectly, and after that he was amazing. plus the Studio's music specially the drums with that part is fantastic. and overall it was a good song.

2- Aaja Re Moray Saiyaan, Zeb Bangash

Sung by Zeb Bangash with supporting vocals and directed by Noori, it's on original song by Ali hamza from Noori. The song has a hindi touch to it and I must say when blended with coke studio's music it sounds really good. Zeb's voice like always is sweet and touching, and she did an amazing job with this song. the music is really good and complements the song perfectly.
overall for me this one was really good. 

3- Aaqa, Abida Parveen & Ali Sethi

For me Coke Studio's music has always worked best with sufi songs, and this song just proved that point. Gulzar sahab once said that "when Abida Parveen calls, Allha listens." when it comes to sufi songs, her voice is just made for it, fantastic job by the great Abida Parveen sahiba. but I should also mention that Ali Sethi was no way less in any way, he was right there with Abida parveen. and did an equally great job. This was my favourite track from the first episode.

4-Janay Na Tu, Ali Khan

This was the first time a heard Ali khan's Sweet and mesmerizing voice. I can't believe I haven't heard him before. I loved his voice and the way he sang the song. everything in this song was great, the lyrics, the vocals, the music (obviously), but it's a really different song than all the other songs in coke studio, you normally don't experience modern song like this in coke studio, we usually get new versions of old hit songs, or new songs in a really classical or sufi way, but this was different, and sadly I didn't like it as much as the other typical Coke studio songs. it is a great song with regards to the vocals and singing and music, but I think it just doesn't fit in coke studio. plus they started the song really good bit ended it only okay.( I hope that make sense).

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